OPV Solutions S.r.l., founded in 2013, is a specialized consultant and production company, operating in various engineering areas including industrial, energetic and management field.
OPV is a Certified Automotive Manufacturer with ATECO code with consolidated experience in industrial activities. OPV production facility is designed to be modular and flexible. OPV Solutions S.r.l. offers high value-added services through constant cooperation of dedicated management and engineering professionals to promote and develop innovation and growth, focusing on innovation and process-optimization. Since its foundation, OPV has focused is activities on research and development, integrating its workflow to each specific operating context.
OPV offers dedicated consultant services oriented to design, prototyping and realization of innovative solutions, focusing in urban mobility and private and industrial energy efficiency scenarios. OPV engineering activities benefit from internal mechanical, electrical and numerical simulation laboratories where prototypes and on-demand products are built from scratch, in order to satisfy private and industrial partners.