OPV is specialized in numerical simulation and offers complete and widely customizable solutions. OPV offers virtual prototyping and optimization services. The numerical models are developed to guarantee reliable results in the shortest possible time using market-leading software and thanks to internal knowledge and expertise acquired. The validation process with which the models used in the numerical studies are generated allows to obtain replicable results of proven reliability. OPV operational approach generates optimized solutions thanks to parametric procedures function of reference parameters.
OPV is specialized in both component and system simulation, with reference to:


Thermo-fluid dynamics models

Energy simulation oriented to efficiency, optimization of heat exchange, minimization of fluid dynamics resistance.

Structural models

Studies aimed at maximizing resistance, minimizing weight, implementing innovative materials and managing composite structures, studies aimed at optimizing components or structures through genetic algorithms.

Electrical/electronic models

Optimization of integrated circuits, discrete and control systems, signal management, integration of communication protocols, estimation of performance and energy flows between components and systems of the electric vehicle.