OPV supports the innovation and competitiveness of industrial production by developing and implementing complete engineering solutions ranging from prototype to final product. OPV has internal electronic and mechanical laboratories, in which innovative prototypes are designed and manufactured, to realize innovative engineering ideas. OPV is equipped with a factory to produce components and assembly of systems on an industrial scale and an Automotive Manufacturer with ATECO code. The experience gained over the years by OPV allows it to carry out various types of production activities, in any case to meet a wide range of needs.

Production of prototypes

OPV is specialized in the production of prototypes with high added value, with a high level of technological maturity. OPV has developed, tested and supplied solutions in the automotive and energy sectors, creating many products including:

  • Electrical automotive platforms: prototypes of vehicles, fully operational, obtained by developing and integrating structural, mechanical and electrical components. In this context, the design and production of high-performance chassis for power-train and battery pack, with simultaneous implementation of systems for monitoring and energy optimization, assembly and functional verification
  • Thermal storage systems: prototypes of energy systems for industrial and domestic use, aimed at maximizing efficiency. Through the application of innovative materials based on renewable sources.
  • Sensors for automotive applications: prototypes for real-time monitoring, through an innovative sensitive element, of the pressure in the combustion chamber in order to ensure optimized fuel management oriented to maximize efficiency.


Industrial production

After having gained a solid experience in the field of small-scale production in collaboration with industrial partners, OPV has made use of its expertise with the desire to offer its customers its own range of products, which will be presented in the products section of this site. All OPV production is characterized by the respect of the highest quality standards.