Urban mobility is the area in which OPV has focused its operations since its establishment, moving first to the acquisition of orders for mechanical, electronic and electromechanical components functional to the implementation of R&D activities, then to its own product lines.
OPV’s commitment to the sector is strong, with particular reference to electric mobility, a context in which solutions for both “professional” and “private” applications have been developed.


OPV's solutions

OPV Solutions S.r.l.’s urban mobility solutions are characterized by:

High energy efficiency achieved by integrating optimized control and management systems.

High level of customization and modularity, the result of the ability to interpret the needs of the customer and the market, creating solutions that can quickly meet every need.

Integrated workflow, through the constant collaboration of professionals with technical and administrative profiles, solutions are proposed that effectively implement innovative content.

Professional applications

OPV develops medium and large size industrial and commercial electric vehicles and power supply systems for the hybridization of existing machines. Among others, innovative solutions have been developed for the transport of waste in urban areas. OPV’s experience has allowed the implementation and optimization of complete solutions, equipped with electric powertrain, complete with battery pack designed to measure, inside a commercial chassis or made to measure, making modular solutions easy to spread.

Private application

OPV has focused its operations on the production of quadricycles (with hybrid and purely electric propulsion) and pedal-assisted bicycles, all of which, as of today, represent products close to being presented on the market. OPV has developed solutions for personal mobility with a view to providing a concrete response to market needs. OPV’s light vehicles offer a high level of driving comfort, achieved through a design approach that puts the customer’s needs first, optimizing the cyclist of the vehicles so as to make them pleasant to ride and integrating advanced connectivity solutions.